business mentoring and coaching

People in business are experiencing an increase in pressure and uncertainty as a result of changing times.

South African is currently exposed to the impact of post-modernism, replacing the securities and certainties of modernism.  Post – Modernism requires that the small business owner already has acquired a personal value system integrated into a solid self image.

Stress in the workplace

When the small business owner experience stress and fatigue it’s the result of insecurities caused by the dramatic impact that post-modernism has on the business world.  The symptoms are the following:

  • Depression
  • Cynicism
  • Negativity
  • High Stress levels
  • Irrational actions and choices

Business Mentoring and Coaching

Business Mentoring and Coaching, based on a solid therapeutic relationship empowers the small business owner to understand:

  • The changes required by post-modernism
  • Formulating a new identity that results in:
    • Decrease in psychosomatic illnesses
    • Increase in financial independence
    • Growth in business
    • Have a clear idea of future goals